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Jade Warrior was one of the most original and unusual progressive rock bands to come from Britain in the early 70's. They combined strong ethnic influences (mostly from Chinese/Japanese culture) with progressive rock that ranged from heavy, flute-driven Tull-like riffs to peaceful and atmospheric parts. The main musicians in the band were Tony Duhig on guitar and Jon Field, who contributed with flute and lots of ethnic percussion. Especially the first side on their self-titled debut showcased their originality very well. The three-part "Masai Morning" is an orgy of ethnic percussion and very fuzzed and heavy riffs played on guitar and flute. But Duhig's distinctive sound on the guitar is actually best heard on the more quiet songs, like "The Traveller" and "Dragonfly Day". "A Prenormal Day at Brighton" is structurally a quite straightforward, flute driven heavy-prog tune, but the band manages to integrate their ethnic influences into even this one. The second side is a bit more basic but still good, although I don't care too much for the the stripped-down blues of "Petunia". The hard rock of "Telephone Girl" is better, and one of the best known tunes ehre. "Psychiatric Sergeant" has some cool jazzy flute, and the two last tracks are quiet pieces with more of the band's ethnic influences. A unique and strong debut that clearly showcased what an original and creative band Jade Warrior was.



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