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Giant Man, Giant Plan is a cassette editing odyssey, an epic journey embarked upon by 57 year-old Music & Video Exchange patron Dennis Greenidge. Using only the simplest tapedeck-to-tapedeck bouncing techniques Greenidge has put together an exhaustive catalogue of idiosyncratic sonic marvels, with all manner of detritus, exotica and ephemeral stitched together into a backdrop for insane vocal ranting and raving. 'The Amazing Colossal Cucumber Man' might be the single daftest piece of 'music' you'll ever hear, making outsider songwriter luminaries like Wesley Willis sound like Bono. It's actually a bit like hearing an uncle you've never liked pretending he's Mark E. Smith over the top of some 'hold music'. It's hard to tell whether Dennis is for real or a mere character invented for a bad show at the Edinburgh Fringe, but certainly the harrowing trance singalong 'Invasion Of The Beetroot People' touches on a kind of lunacy that's hard to fake. In any case, trawling through this insanely over-long archive of witterings and bad cassette dubs might be regarded as a must-have experience for any intrepid connoisseur of nonsense.



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