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Firewire are Frederic Stader -aka Din ST (Tresor), DJ Maxximus (Warp), Fever (DHR) and Carl Crack – the late founder member of Atari Teenage Riot (DHR). Frederic Stader and Carl Crack met sometime during the 90s in Cologne at a ”Cosmic Orgasm“ rave. Back then, Frederic was working on a project called ”Fever“ (later on DHR), Carl was the voice of Atari Teenage Riot. They got along well and worked on ideas together, on and off. Some years down the line, the idea of a common project became more and more important to both of them. They started recording. Then, in 2001, Carl Crack died tragically and infamously, the project ground to an unexpected halt. Frederic eventually picked up the pieces, vocal recordings and fragmented ideas to finish off this incredible set of tracks. A tribute to a lost friend. ” A Tribute To The Manzini“, a release which has been approved by Carl’s family, is a short but intense journey through a long forgotten world of distorted soul. Something you would not neccessarily expect if you are familiar with both Frederic’s and Carl’s former work. From the haunting beauty of ”Open Ur Eyes“, via the disturbing, Acid-infected 2-step error of ”4 Ever“ to the monstreous intensity of ”No Exit“, each and every track remains a unique example of two exceptional musicians working together on something from deep within. An unusual release for CCO you might think. But this is another story. R.I.P Carl Crack.BOOMKAT

a tribute to the manzini


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