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"Before a small audience in the Five Pennies club in Tottori, Japan, Shuji Inaba performs
his first song in a whisper verging on the inaudible. An explosion of raw acoustic guitar
heralds the onset of the next. His antecedents would include the stylised chanting of
medieval epics over the violently struck biwa lute." - The Wire

"First two tracks, coming from the depth of silence, breaking with the aggression of
sound creation, with wood-guitar and a fire-with-words, it puts you as listener in an
uneasy position of confronting a naked truth. After having broken this moment, and the
tension becomes complete attention, a poetic fragility finds its place, like leaves on
wood, and with fire extinguished by lifeforce.

Although the musical complexity is in a minimal musical form, the emotional intensity
gives this a very complete & rewarding expression. It does not matter if we don’t
understand the words, because here the voice speaks in tongues. For those who wish to
follow the content, the poems have been translated in English in the booklet. A release
where you have to give yourself time to get into the performance’ scope." - Japanese
Progressive Music

The Rapture of Being Destroyed is the Flipside of the Misery of Destruction


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