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Allez Teia (1975) represents the first of Heldon's seminal recordings. The core of what would become Heldon's typical line-up is here (Richard Pinhas and Georges Grunblatt) and though much of this CD is in the style of Robert Fripp's work with Brian Eno, there are several absolute masterpieces of 70s music included on this disc (the first three tracks especially).

The musical references to Fripp and Eno are out in the open here. Titles like "In the Wake of King Fripp" and "Omar Diop Blondin" (which is dedicated in the liner notes to Fripp and Eno) make it clear that Pinhas at least was a huge admirer of Fripp's work. That compliment was later paid back when Pinhas found out that Fripp had become an admirer of Heldon. There are other musical references here, such as "Moebius" which, perhaps not coincidentally, is strikingly similar to the German group Cluster (one of whose members is named Moebius). And "Aphanisis", which has a lot in common with the solo works of ex-Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips, or even "Michel Ettori", which reminds this reviewer of the acoustic guitar work of early Pink Floyd (think "Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast" or "Granchester Meadows").

Oddly enough, I recently read an interview with Richard Pinhas from the early 1990s wherein he states that this album does not withstand the test of time. I cannot disagree with him more. Its musical references aside, Allez Teia, for me represents Heldon's first great work. It is less aggressive in mood than many later Heldon releases and avoids the blistering sequencer-driven romps they later became known for but it is a cohesive, concise and never overstated work (unlike Heldon III, It's Always Rock 'N' Roll, which followed close on the heals of this album's 1975 release). Allez Teia effectively generates a unified listening experience complete with thoughtful and evocative sound worlds, brooding landscapes and gentle musical niches (plus it includes some smashingly lush 'n' juicy mellotron strings!).

Whether you're a fan of Heldon, Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, or any mid-1970s electronic music, this CD is bound to please. There are tracks here that will stay with you the rest of your life

allez teia



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  1. Ανώνυμος 7 Ιουλίου 2008 - 2:30 μ.μ.
    εχω καμμια 15αρια cds Heldon και pinhas,ειναι απιστευτος......stratosphere

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