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The Insubordinations net label is devoted to improvisatory music. Most of it is avant-garde and experimental to the extreme. However, Plastow’s online album Los Criminales Reciclados En Conductores De Autobuses, which was previously released under the name of The Johann Bourquenez Trio, keeps at least one foot in modern jazz. The trio, led by pianist Johann Boruquenez, reminds me a bit of McCoy Tyner’s more exploratory works especially in the fast and exciting opening track, “Yap-Yap”. The title track is also quite complex and a little more “out” there. Drummer Cyril Bondi lays a good strong beat but is also capable of providing color when necessary. Bassist Raphaël Ortis has a sensitive touch that is best on the quieter numbers like “Stase Psychique” and the hypnotic “Mairie Des Lilas”. Those who like good jazz and improvisatory music should consider this a must-have.

The album is available in 192kbps MP3 by separate tracks or a full album zip.


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