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Imagine a blender and throwing in a little bit of late 60s pop, progressive themes, neo-punk, death ambient, world music, atonal compositions, and kraut-rock minimalism/industrial and you have WHEN.
This isn't a CD you listen to be "cool" like Rhiannon or Linkin Park. No, this stuff is genius. WHEN is essentially stepping into a wild world where both Bosch and drum machines can occupy. Where go-go girls hit the psychadelic mod fjords. Where cartoons are your guide and acid is in the water.
The compositions range from the depressing(Black Death) to the amazing(Veil and Mere) to the ridiculous(Gynt)...As many instruments make these composition. Lars Pedersen plays synthesizers, xylophones, bass, samplings, keyboards, guitars, toys, tapes and so on...
Most hipsters would easily compare this guy to Beck, due to the schizophrenic compositions. However, WHEN stands alone as one of best musicians. But this is not for the faint of heart, due to alot of the dissodance in the compositions.
Recommended for fans of Krautrock, intelligent pop, or even black metal.
E. Mitchell

disc 1 part 1
disc 1 part 2
disc 2 part 1
disc 2 part 2


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  1. duif 24 Δεκεμβρίου 2010 - 9:40 π.μ.
    Great stuff! Check out more When at http://schwebeablaut.blogspot.com/!

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