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''ADOLF FILTER is Daniel Persson and Conny Klenze from Gothenburg, Sweden. Inspired by analogue synthesizers, drum machines and cassette recordings, and they started playing in various electronic bands over the years since 1986. Having started as ADOLF FILTER in 2004, they eventually appeared on various compilations, amongst them the “Doppelhertz” 2LP, the “Festival der Genialen Dilettanten” LP and “Vågform Volym 1” CD (all available in this shop). The whole concept is to keep the music free from any software synthesisers what so ever thus using only physical instruments. In general they do sound a lot like early FRONT 242 (thus in their best era 1981 to 1983) making use of a lot of Roland SH-101 and TR-606. Very nostalgic, thus very good!''

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  1. Cosmo 9 Μαΐου 2010 - 12:04 π.μ.
    unfortunately the link for this posting has expired . . . and chance for a re-up -new link]?

    have heard a few track on youtube and really am digging the sound

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