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''This handsome new gatefold 2x7-inch package courtesy of the Sacred Bones crew is only made duly enjoyable by the far-out sounds residing in its grooves. "Squeeze the Giant" is the solo debut of Timmy “Vulgar” Lampinen, the weirdo behind two of Detroit’s most truly effed up bands of the 21st century: Clone Defects and Human Eye. With the Big Three all on the verge of bankruptcy, and the Rust Belt becoming no more than a distant memory of America’s once strong manufacturing base, the time sees right for Lampinen to branch out in this manner. Plumbing the depths of his own soul, Timmy draws from a primordial well of post Beefheart avant-garde brutism buoyed to a tradition of post-industrial punk damage that could only come from residing in the ever-declining metropolis that is the Motor City. The titular track has an air of nascent Royal Trux while “Body of Love” and “No Hassle” look to mid-70s Cleveland and the proto-punk barn-burners particular to the whole Pere Ubu/Rocket from the Tombs gang for inspirado. Opening track “Tree Thirsty Earthquake” is a swooning sea chantey whose sweep echo produces an oceanic throb for Timmy to croon an off kilter ballad to, which like the music of outsider folkies from Simon Finn to Tiny Tim is as sincere as it is weird. Although this record sounds like a galaxy of musicians contributed to it, Timmy does it mostly alone, save for some sparse help from members of Kansas’ Terrible Twos. Definitely some of the most outer worldly punk damage you’re likely to hear this year.''

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