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''The duo of American Nicholas Markos and Marcos Sueiro experienced their first flirtation with fame in the backing band for singer/writer Cath Carroll. Then, in 2000, after three years work, they produced 'Epiphany' using a 4-track recorder. Clearly a labour of love, the music within makes a mockery of its humble origins, each of the twenty tracks merging into the next with some strong melodic themes cropping up time and again. At times it's a strangely unfashionable listen; hearing 'Heaven' and 'Hatehead' is like Mike And The Mechanics performing Christian rock. If that seems slightly frightening but yet still strangely curious then perseverance is rewarded. Three of the strongest tracks ('Neo Super Through', 'Running The Red Lights', 'Spirit') are highly recommended for Blue Nile fans starved of romantic, euphoric soundtracks. And in a manner in which those tardy Scots would be proud, Jordan are all about stirring, uplifting music.''

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