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''...As uplifting and utopian as Mattias Gustavsson’s outlook on his solo project outside Dungen, Life on Earth!, might be, you can’t help but think he is lost in a late 60s flower-power state of mind. Not necessarily a bad thing by any means and human interaction indeed would be more pleasant if we were all stumbling around on the same unabashedly optimistic mind plateau, but most of us are lost in the valley of reality and cynical paranoia as a way of life. No worries though, Gustavsson has rounded up a few friends for a globetrotting trip in the 21st century’s version of the Yellow Submarine. So if you are amongst the valley dwellers seeking a deep breath of fresh air, hop aboard, strap yourself in, crank the headphones and get ready for a trip of swirling summertime folk-pop psychedelia that guarantees such spiritual uplifting....''
Look!! There is Life on Earth!

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