...cleaning out my room a few days ago proved less boring than it was always.I found some seven
inches i didn't even remembered i had and kinda made me feel nostalgia for the old days when i used to go to record shops and buy something without even hearing it(which turned to be very stupid most of the times) just by seeing the cover..these seven inches are such cases although i have to admit that after this post they're going to return in my shelf's oblivion and dust..

..first of these forgotten little wonders is Snakefingers ''There's No Justice In Life'' one of his best
songs i think ,like a backwards played Peter Gunn on the verge of nervous brakdown,B-Side the
twelve bar ''Ralph sounding'' jam of ''Move.......

...little i know about this next one ,X-Dreams is a trio led by singer Deborah Galiga who's been a
kind of underground hero in Boston..their almost power pop/post punk sound is not a revelation
but it's ok to listen to....
....i have to admit that hadn't heard a single note from Split Enz before buying this,i had only seen their name in some magazine and liked the photo in the cover..anyway after buying this
i bought also their Time and Tide album which i really think as one of the best pop albums i own
and Six Months In A Leaky Boat is a wonderful single...

..no special story about this, another one i bought without hearing and was not exactly my cup of tea but the good thing is that through them i discovered the brilliant madness of the Pop Group.
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