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''Before writing a single note of his opera Avis de Tempête (Storm Warning), Georges Aperghis had given the watchword to his collaborators, the librettist, the video artists, the singers, the computer technician, the conductor, the scenographer and the musicians of ictus: ''An opera that is a storm.... the mental storm that rips through text and subverts the spectacle from within. Immobile storms, too. A kind of novelty of our century. Vertical storms - almost calm - much more terrifying than countryside thunder.'' ''Among the fragments read, interpreted and translated by this voice, two narratives by Herman Melville act as golden threads that crisscross as they interact and entwine each other: the short story entitled The Lightning-Rod Man and the great novel Moby Dick.'' -- Peter Szendy''

Avis de Tempete


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