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''This is the original motion picture soundtrack to the 1979 slasher film "Prom Night" starring Jamie Lee Curtis. The film was rather lame however, the soundtrack produced some of the greatest and unfortunatly burried and obscure eurodisco. The soundtrack had a very very limited release only in Japan (strange huh?). The LP is impossible to find and it's not even credited as being in exsistance at any time! Somebody had a bootlegg transfer of a very mint copy of the vinyl on CD with nice cover art work of the LP,etc and I managed to strike a deal with him and get one off him very cheep! I've ripped this and now.. let's get this gem spread around the net as no one knows where a copy of this LP may still lay in the entire planet! There are a few pop/rock type ballads on here which are actualy good songs if you like that type of music. The thing about all the great obscure disco on this thing that sucks is all the tracks are no more than 3 mins in length :( Whoever these guys were, they had a tallent to produce some great eurodisco in the style of Alec R. Costandinos, Simon Soussan, Ian Levine and even a touch of Gino Soccio (the track "Changes" is a total rip off of "Dancer" by Soccio but still fuckin awsome!) The best track on here in my oppinion is "Love Me Till I Die". As a bonus, I've included a total classic 5am disco remix I created of this one through overlays,tape edits and effects prossesing. Enjoy this gem and again, spread this around! This music can not remain lost..its way too good for that.''

DJ Jimmy M (02/04)


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