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''These guys took electro and synth pop to new levels of sleaze with their freaky as hell synth work and even freakier vocals. You already know the electro classic "I Need A Freak(1)," but the album also features the similarly sleazed out "K-I-S-S-I-N-G(2)" and its instrumental "We Didn't Say It." Then there's tracks like "If I Gave You A Party(3)" which sounds like the blue-print for that lo-fi post-disco style DFA popularized so many years later. Super upbeat party jam with uber lo-fi drums and synths, plus catchy as hell lyrics to boot. "You Are My Sexual Connection(4)" follows a similar kind of punk funk formula with squiggly Prince synths and slap happy bass. Love it! Also includes the pumping disco workout "Exercise Your Ass Off(5)" (pun intended).''


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