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''Somewhere in the Night is a collection of recordings, circa 1982-'85, from France's Stereo. The three opening tracks are full of some totally unexpected workout video/jazz-wave vibes that had Other Music's Karen and I wondering why we couldn't stop listening! I kept hearing shades of "Xanadu," Irene Cara's "What a Feeling" and the Blade Runner soundtrack (only imagine Vangelis collaborating with a mellower Visage and a more mysterious Human League and Roxy Music) all rolled into one infectious train wreck. Then the epic drama-dub of "Moonshine" came on. Karen and I both smiled and looked at each other with knowing nods of the head. It all suddenly made sense; embrace this record and don't be afraid. I know the description might sound a bit scary, but Somewhere in the Night actually rules! ''

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