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''Produced by longtime collaborator Scotty Hard (Wu-Tang, Prince Paul), Zen of Logic travels down many paths, all linked by two turntables and one mixer. From “Afro-Dub" (featuring Antibalas), “Ghetto Funk" (featuring John Medeski), “What is Jazz?" (featuring Charlie Hunter) and “Back Handed Hip-Hop" (featuring MC's SubConcious and Creature), Logic has created a modern day mix-up masterpiece that will please all mad (iPod) shufflers.

The theorem of turntablist-as-musician has been proven in the capable hands of DJ Logic, who, with jazz as his foundation, barreled through barriers to become a wax innovator, crossing genres and sprinkling his sound across the map.

Not just another deejay from around the way (though he is from the Bronx), Logic has the credentials to back up his reputation as a musician and visionary - after all, this is a man who helped found the Black Rock Coalition, established in 1985 and was the first turntablist to play the famed Blue Note club in New York City.''




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