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''KAA ANTILOPE was Bernard Vranckx and Frédéric Walheer (also in Waving Ondulata and co-founder of the Sub Rosa label together with Guy Marc Hinant ), with some support from Bernadette Dupont, all hailing from Brussels, Belgium. Unfortunately they were active only in the years 1981/82 so that they released no more than one 7”EP (“Some Other Bivouacs”, Sandwich Records, SR18, 1982) and some further unreleased tracks on the LP compilation “Coal Heart For Ever” (Sub Rosa, SUB 33011-16, 1988; re-issued on CD in 1992, SUBCD 021-40). KAA ANTILOPE is nothing but unique, and pure beauty. Their sound and melancholy are a class of is own and if you open your mind and heart you can be part of their very own universe ''
Some Other Bivouacs

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