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"Above all, one can only bow before the audacity and the risk taken by this young saxophonist who, for her first album, proposes a live recording of free and improvised music. Some of the tracks last almost 20 minutes. This crazy audacity corresponds to an unquestionable thirst for freedom that refuses marketing, formatting or career plans and places artistic sincerity beyond everything. Let’s also greet the talent, originality and pugnacity of this 28 years old musician who, like a warrior, fights and gives everything she has without considering any formalism or aestheticism. Alexandra Grimal plays music in its rough state without effects or cheating. She can play from tenor to soprano and back to tenor in the same piece with as much frenzy and ebullience, sustaining the same tense flux. A coherent and dense music, remarkably served by the complicity she has with her musicians. It is an exemplary and organic trio that tells the same story with different voices in the same space-time, constantly developing the content through the material and sound texture. An organ or a clavinet that generates a tense, dirty and toxic climate and a drummer who plays asymmetrical rhythms, which generate hypnotic and unsettled effects. They embark you on an experimental and extremist journey and tackle jazz with independence of mind and total integrity."

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