the gaslamp killer and free the robots


"Obey follows up their lauded A-Trak project with this beats excursion from two of LA's finest: Free The Robots and Lab's own Gaslamp Killer. Free The Robots starts off the EP with the maniacal psyche beats of "Clocks and Daggers." Wicked stuff for the horror-minded. GLK tags in with "Show Stopper," a heavily Indian flavored track with that tricky drum programming that we expect from this dude. FTR tags back with "The Bearded Lady Theme," a bluesy, playful number that harks back to their first EP release (also available digitally at the lab). GLK comes in for the finale, "Zalim," a thick number that will take you to the back alleys of Mumbai." -


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  1. helmet 31 Ιουλίου 2009 - 9:13 π.μ.

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