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Opening through a tide of surging strings on "Kleiner Bruder", Denzel + Huhn bring the whole composition into startling clarity through a tender acoustic guitar melody that carbonates the digitalis with a warmth which is hard to catergorsie. Like a shattered mirror reflecting a band at the peak of the career, "Paraport" is able to balance the insistent electronic insects of "Targo" with an ebbing backdrop of blossoming atmospherics that is utterly beguiling and totally addictive. Avoiding the studious air of academia that can often pervade projects where such attention to detail has been applied, the likes of "Karlsruhe" and its malfunctioning cinematics, the caustic rhythmical aesthetics of "Dorian", and "Lope"'s creamy analogue bubbles all have an ease of stature which belies their creators’ understanding of texture, balance and production skills. Encompassing a spectrum of styles which invites comparisons with everyone from Jan Jelinek ("Senet") and Johann Johannsson ("Kleiner Bruder"), through to Pole ("Erinnye") and Fennesz ("Dorian"), Denzel + Huhn have delivered a record that maintains a firm cohesive thread throughout without constraining the boundaries of their creativity. Grainy, opaque and beautifully detailed, “Paraport” is a record that requires no border controls.



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