the deviants

Category: By the bug

An album designed to shake the Empire probably shouldn't be characterized as "charming," but the Deviants' Ptooff!, an artifact from England's freak underground circa 1967, is nothing if not beguiling. After all, most people today are afraid to shake the state much, lest it get an upset stomach and spit up. Or, worse yet, it could fall down on top of them. But then! Then! Well, a group of "anarchist art student teenage asshole[s]" could really put the ol' scare into the fattened-for-slaughter ruling class by combining elements of the Fugs, Charles Mingus, and John Cage into something unfathomably artistic, couldn't they? Well, no. But as Mick Farren's sage bio notes: "You live and learn, don't you?"



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