No.6. moon wiring club - an audience of art deco eyes

By the bug

An Audience of Art Deco Eyes has been planned as a magical evening of music, at first subtle and sophisticated, rising through a crescendo of hot blooded rhythm and settling down to soft and tender tunes for the eerie after hours...

This is your opportunity to discover for yourself the magic of music played the Moon Wiring Club way- experience the pleasure of their many melodic worlds.

Begin the evening with music to break the ice, ‘Dumpley’s Acrostics’ and the modern classic ‘Ghost Radio’. The evening begins to swing when you put on ‘You have no Gifts’ and ‘Mademoiselle Marionette’. Then it’s time for shoes off and chairs away with ‘Living Furniture’ and ‘Wool Book’, the sound that made the Moon Wiring Club famous around the kingdom.

These melodies could even conjure up a party- are people actually there laughing and singing along with you?

For the perfect finish to evening, when the lights are low and the air is thin, the Moon Wiring Club perform ‘Some Cobwebbed Limbo’ to transport you to another time and place altogether...

Once you have a Moon Wiring Club long playing record in your collection it’s like hearing music in colour after years of black and white! You just won’t be able to entertain without them.

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