No.20. nightmares on wax - thought so..

By the bug case you might have wondered what's this post about(no link or comments about it)
i must inform you that(drum roll please...)the Greek blog Gone4Sure has started a vote
for a list of the 20 best albums of the year.52 bloggers from Greece participate in that list
and post an album a day starting from number 20..after all lists are posted until 20 December
the albums that gathered the most of the points will make it to the all(participant)bloggers
final top 20 list....all discs will be followed by comments justifying their place in the list


''Listening to Thought So..., it’s clear that Evelyn has been recharged by moving to the Balears, but he’s got a better recording of these surroundings in him. “Da Feelin”, the first and best song on the album, is a perfect jam for sunny beaches, with organs and funky handclaps and lyrics that are simple –- “the feeling is real and there’s love” –- but no less enjoyable. It’s a promising sign of where the next output from Nightmares on Wax is likely to go, once Evelyn’s eyes adjust to the sun. In the mean time, there’s some summertime gold spaced out here. ''

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