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Rack & Ruin records was formed on April 1st 2008. Rack & Ruin, is a non-profit Netherlands based netlabel, which focuses on indiepop, electronica, ambient, and experimental or crossover music from around the world. We cover a broad spectrum of tastes, and our main focus is to champion new artists, who are exploring new sounds. We do not restrict ourselves to any particular genre, or locality.

All works presented on this site remains the intellectual property of its authors or designers, Rack & Ruin is merely here to be a vehicle to help promoting sounds that we like. Rack & Ruin is not here for financial gain. 100% of any income from the shop goes to the artist.

All works presented on this site (audio, video, graphic and text) are licensed under an Attribution-Noncommecial-NoDeriv3.0 Creative Commons License. (unless stated otherwise)

If you would like to help with our hosting, then any donation is greatly appreciated.

the girl in the purple painting

mozambique via angola


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