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With members of LCD Sounsystem and !!! populating their ranks, Out Hud certainly have some heritage in the DFA hierarchy but rather than pump out another Liquid Liquid tribute, Out Hud have instead decided to look back to the 1980's synthcore scene for inspiration. Opening with the pounding funk bass of 'This Just In', Out Hud then career wildly down the electro-pop freeway on 'It's For You' as synths erupt like fireworks and Phyllis Forbes puts in a Stygian vocal performance reminiscent of a more restrained Karen O. Elsewhere 'One Life To Lead' is a freshly minted electro-funk classic that merges axe-wielding bass and a chorus so addictively spiky it could take on daytime radio, 'Old Nude' adopts the swagger of Seelenluft and plunders Aphex's 'Girl/Boy' strings whilst 'The Song So Good They Named It Thrice' takes shades of Dr. Who, Le Tigre, The Moonflowers and early 90's rave then moulds them together into a paint blistering whole. Very very cool.

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