milanese - δε δαγκώνει

Category: By the bug

This 8-track CD clocks in at just under 40 minutes and features remixes of tracks taken off the "Extend" album from Clark, Distance, Venger and Hrdvsion, plus a handful of new pieces, including "Double Face" which features the vocals of Kate Kestrel. The first remix comes from Hrdvsion, the nom de plume of Nathan Jonson (brother of Matthew no less), an artist who has long had more of an interest in complex rhythm structures than his better-known sibling, something that's been evident since his brilliant "Oh Techno Saves" twelve for the It Is What It Is label back in 2003. His remix of "Sight Beyond Sight" sounds like a vintage Alec Empire remix (back in the late 90's, when he was so so good), all tumbling Amen breaks and quick edits - brilliantly executed stuff. The Clark remix is up next and is as flawlessly put together as you'd imagine - a junglist backbone paired with an almost discordant melody that seems to be operating on its own tempo. It all comes together once your brain comes to terms with what your listening to - and once again there's something so Aphexy about Clark's melodies that it's almost uncanny. Anyway - it's a killer remix. In total - really good value for money and another good release from Planet Mu, who by last year's frantic standard have been a bit quiet of late.


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