let's kiss and MAKE UP

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For about a year at the end of the '90s the Make-Up were the best band out there. This album and the singles compilation In Mass Mind, solidified the promise shown on Destination Love, delivering an updated white soul sound.

The songs here are much more arranged than those on Sound Verité, giving them more dimensions and a more muscular sound. The wah-wah bass and reverb-ed vocals give a '60's soul/'70s funk feel. The key difference, though, are better songs, and the sropping of the bass/keyboard driven jams of the previous album.

'Earth Worm' and 'Black Wire' provde a thread through the album and there is a (very) vague-ish concept of hive-minds and collectivism (and kinky sex, maybe), The best tracks are 'Joy of Sound', '(I've Heard About' Saturday Nite' and 'Time Machine'. The cover of 'Caught Up in the Rapture' provides a true climax to the record (before coming full circle with the second version of 'Black Wire').

A Gospel Yeh-Yeh classic.


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