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Hiller was an experimental composer in the strictest sense. In the mid sixties, Hiller asserted that his, "objective in composing music by means of computer programming is not the immediate realization of an aesthetic unity, but the providing and evaluating of techniques whereby this goal can eventually be realized." In this sense Hiller was a forward looking composer, in that each piece was an experiment that lead towards the next piece.


Υ.Γ. Helmet επιτελους αξιωθηκα να βαλω καινουριο λινκ Black Sun Productions.....

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  1. helmet 7 Νοεμβρίου 2008 - 12:48 μ.μ.
    ευχαριστω στργζρρρ. το καταβαζω μαζι με τον hiller. ευχαριστω και για το νεο file downloader. rapidshare fucks free users. c u 2tonite at bios?

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