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Allegedly China’s only all-girl punk group, Hang On The Box are a blast – nothing new, nothing challenging – but an irresistible blast none the less. A compilation of the best bits from their previous far-eastern releases, ‘For Every Punk Bitch & Arsehole’ is a snappy slap around the head for much of the over-blown musical wind which regularly billows from the near neighbourhood of Japan. Delightfully simple and pop-infected, Hang On The Box are the sharp mid-point somewhere between Elastica and Huggy Bear, reared on a diet of sex, swearing and DIY-English. Sure, it’s one paced (i.e. fast) and some of the politics spouted veer to the dodgy, yet in the main, your head will be spinning and your feet stomping far too much to consider many negative thoughts.COMES WITH A SMILE

For Every Punk Bitch & Arsehole


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