weed informed mycotic tic-tac-toeing(???)

By the bug

Is this platter coming out of a snail mail collaboration maybe? Or just plain out of a telepathic transmission? Does it matter? A cluster of minds approach another, devouring and inoculating, ejecting biographic splinters into autobiographic fuzz and buzz; all the charming allure of weed informed mycotic tic-tac-toeing, inserting missing pieces where there were already too many competing for survival or a simple spot in the sun. At a point you will surely feel lost and asking for directions: we thought about that too: and in the swarm of field recorded days and holy machines chunking years old three copies run cdr releases you'll find more than directions. To be blunt about it: one long track, basically concealing four or five others, impregnated with triumphant surf singalongs, victorious drone chases, cut-up and glued down cigarette pack robots dancing a snail paced belly dance, intertwined with psychotic skips and scats and what have you, a relentless celebration of laetitia hodie. Get it while it's cheap, fresh and fun!

drunk upon thy holy mountain


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  1. helmet 15 Οκτωβρίου 2008 - 3:46 μ.μ.
    38:05 μίας περιπέτειας που περιμένεις να σε οδηγήσει κάπου, αλλά υποπτεύεσαι ότι είναι η διαδρομή που πρέπει να απολαύσεις. και η διαδρομή είναι παράξενη. μου άρεσε πολύ. thanx strgzrrr.

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