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Monster X's militant, lunatic sound comes from a background in thrash metal and industrial music, with his previous 12-piece metal band gigs involved fake-blood-splattering theatrics and on-stage riots. Later going down the solo electronic route as it was more efficient at causing mayhem, he took up Native Instrument's Reaktor software and has spent the past few years designing his own virtual instruments and effects to further mangle sounds to extreme, individualist ends.

The decision to move to London came after his last performance in France caused a small riot among old punks fighting in a record shop, resulting in smashed windows and other damage.

This exclusive live set features his remix of Cursor Miner's mighty Carnivore, morphing the epic electro-grime hit into a tearout electro track, in direct contrast to Milanese's sci-fi dubstep version (both released next year on Combat).

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