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Beach Head

Sun, surf, and self-hypnosis: all the core particles for a perfect Pacific zone dream-day/daydream. And Beach Head is the soundtrack, in case you were wondering. Hot on the heels of May's masterful coconut-dub Boat Trip EP comes Magic Lantern-bearer Cameron Stallone's latest loner luau under the Sun Araw umbrella, and it's an equatorial escape of the highest order. Unlike his NNF debut, The Phynx, Beach Head drops the drones and cosmic distortion (for the most part) in favor of slippery banana peel smoke stacks, undulating tropical hallucinations, and crystal/coastal moods. Waves, rare birds, and swaying palms cameo in the background. Across the LP's four snaky rhythm reveries Stallones maps a loose, blissed void of voice, island bass-lines, and shimmering sunset electricity, inviting all to drift in and float on. Its a total hit parade, top to bottom, might as well glue it to the turntable and weld the whole rig into yr yellow convertible and park that shit in the sand. Fans of Ducktails, imaginary Jimmy Buffet demos, and long walks on the beach will sleep easy on this grass mat.


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