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A leader in monster ensemble formations and percussionist for Sleepy Time Guerrilla Museum, Moe! Staiano is a unique percussionist who usually uses found objects, but has moved to doing drumming on found objects on his trap set (i.e. prepared percussion). Moe!, has experimented through the years with solo percussion using pipes, food pans, pressure caps, sheet metals, nick-nacks & other stuff that has been found, given or stolen (some from Pizza Hut including a nifty Spatula that he bows). His shows can usually expect a big mess in one fashion or another with implements of mixers & vibrators spewed throughout the set. He's been a good boy cleaning up after him, however.He has collaborated with many musicians including Ron Anderson (the Molecules, RonRuins, PAK), Morgan Guberman, Tom Nunn, David Slusser, Karen Stackpole, Ches Smith, Dennis Fritts, Caroline Kraabel & John Edwards (Shock Exchange), Gino Robair and has performed with all these plus Henry Kaiser, Mark Growden's Electric Pinata, Amy Denio and have had guest apperances with Species Being, O24c, Job and a Portland (now broken up) band Add-X. He still bugs Mono Pause about wanting to be a member of their band as Moe! claims that they're the best band he's ever seen.

Two Forms of Multitudes: Conducted Improvisations


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  1. helmet 17 Οκτωβρίου 2008 - 11:32 π.μ.
    the review helped me decoding Moe Staino's world. Listening it, my first impression was a superealistic sensation. and that is, finally. a totally arty aproach of the sound.

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