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Follow-up to this Japanese psychedelic power trio's gob-smacking self-released debut. Their first full-length for PSF, this one almost outdoes Mainliner in terms of totally over-the-top fuzz-damaged production, with a bottom end that's as crunchy as Blue Cheer and as wiped-out as Nanjo Asahito's Christmas card list. The vocals are wild; aggressive, barked, monosyllabic and the lead guitar seems to coalesce out of distortion, tape warp and densely compacted highs and lows to birth serpentine forms that meld the time-warping potential of early Makoto Kawabata at his most formally extended with a more damaged punk rock/No Wave style that could almost be Les Rallizes Denudes-play-Germs-play-Motorhead with the addition of Billy TK for exaggerated axe ecstasy. Can't recall anything quite as adrenaline-charged and obliviously wasted as this since maybe one of the more brutal Univive sides. The guitarist/vocalist is called Mondo, they look like the Scientists circa Atom Bomb Baby, there are four massive tracks on the disc that never let up with the fuzz=satori stance and it all comes packaged in a hard card shrunken LP style sleeve with Obi. It's at times like this when you remember all over again why PSF is the greatest label in the world. Highly recommended.


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  1. Ivangov 3 Ιουνίου 2011 - 10:01 π.μ.
    Please re-up this awesome music!

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