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Quiet & Still is a testament to the pleasure / pain complex — this album is absolutely dreadful, and I love it. Filled with quintessential gloominess and roughly etched beauty, Even Johansen sings with the detached apathy of one who feeds their inspiration with depression. An unexpected minor chord in “Bullet to Your Heart” sends a shock to the system, while his delicate voice trembles to a whisper, only to release into blinding falsetto. The pulsing organ and dreary, lilting vocals in “Beautiful Day,” incant the ghost of The Cure’s Disintegration, while his brilliant cover of Thin Lizzy’s, “Dancing in the Moonlight,” is flawless in its opulence. This, the first solo album from Libido’s frontman, not only features his impressive musicianship and songwriting, but his production and engineering chops as well.

quiet & still

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