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Juan & Black 93 CS

Anyway's, w/Car Commercials Dan & co. have seemingly tapped into the wellspring of amateurish goodness what emanates from the source(s) of them Messthetics compilations that're gracing ears 'n airwaves (finally) nowadays. There's a lot to be said for the zero production skills, which in the right hands (their own), I'm always a sucker for.True, on occasion they come dangerously close to channelin the precocity of early Daniel Johnston, but most of the time Car Commercials nail it like they was stained by the same varnish & wax buildup as 49 Americans or Crash Action Winners. I'd also state for the record that in another time 'n place (take a wild guess) these guys would've lived high on the hog recordin for the Onset/Offset label alongside the likes of Les Bottletops,Toerag, Brothers Gorgonzola & other estimable strangers that have yet to be properly heralded. I know, I know, folk's is all the time sayin 'we are not familiar with these bands you reference'. But I am! There's a fine line between obstinance 'n ignorance & sometimes in the middle they become twain. What am I gettin at? How about; DON'T LET 25 YEARS GO BY BEFORE YOU HEAR THIS CAR COMMERCIALS EP! I can't make it much plainer than that.There's cassette's too. Collect'em all.SILT BLOG


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