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son of a glitch

This is the long awaited Atom TM full length album, charismatically entitled Son of a Glitch. The title in combination with the most disturbing artwork in music history very much is self explanatory: it's funky, it's glitchy, it's nasty, it's funny and highly complex at the same time. Way beyond what critics often misunderstand as an ironic or just humouristic soundscape, Atom TM demonstrates with perfection that his music escapes any sort of superficial categorization. Whenever you think 'it's just been a joke,' you're confronted with wisdom that is dressed in the most funky arrangements and most horny complexity. Atom TM himself introduces the album with a spoken word section, insulting no one more or less than you, the dearest listener. Spoken or sung vocal elements in English and German lead throughout the album. Last but not least, the album features the guest appearance of Audiocrip, Mikrosopht and Original Hamster." FORCED EXPOSURE


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