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Zohar offer here an array of contemporary beats and ancient forms of singing. Incorporating Jewish Cantors, Arab Meuzzins, Byzantine chants and operatic voices, Baron Cohen and Kremer work on the singularity of vocal techniques and their spiritual or religious meaning. For the connoisseurs, this album refers to, and features, some of the biggest names in the Middle East, including Pierre Pinchik on the beautiful opening track, Ehad, Oum Kalthoum (Angel), Bimi Mint Abba (Harmony) or Zavaha Ben on the title track. It is not necessary to know anything about any of these cultures to enjoy this album though, as the power of the vocal performances and the precise production prove to convey the deeply emotional significance of this record brilliantly. Zohar mix the complex Middle Eastern musical instrumentations with western influences, ranging from jazz or classical to hip-hop and drum’n’bass, and create some magnificent waves of chilled music.MILK FACTORY




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