Morning Wood

Category: By the bug

..4 φιλοι μαζευτηκαν να παιξουν τραγουδια που ακουγαν στην εφηβεια τους,με ηχο ακουστικο
και καποια δικα τους με κορυφαια στιγμη το Sun In Your Sky....

morning wood


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  1. Amo ergo sum 20 Αυγούστου 2008 - 5:32 μ.μ.
    Did not have much expectations after you left such a short description in my comment. However after visiting your blog I was pleasantly surpised!

    Well done, a great eclectic blog! I reviewed it here:

    I will also index it depending on where you want to be listed (i.e. which category) and with which tags (three/ four tops). Just drop them in my CBOX and ill take care of the rest.

    Would you mind adding me as a link on your blog? Buttons are available if you need them on my blog. Thanks in advance!

    Many thanks for this great find and keep up the good work!


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