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This is a very interesting story indeed. A guy from Turkey starts writing this book called "Hayalet Kitap" (meaning Ghost Book) way back in 1999 or something. While writing, he listens to a lot of Kevin Moore-era Dream Theater and even uses an excerpt from "Space Dye-Vest" as a prologue to his story. The more he listens to Moore's music, the deeper he goes with his writing and eventually his book gets published and gets quite of an attention. Years later, he is asked to write the script of a horror movie called OKUL (meaning School) and adapt his story of Ghost Book to it. As he and the directors of the movie think of a fitting soundtrack for their flick, Kevin Moore relocates to Istanbul, Turkey, in order to write and record his third album for his Chroma Key project. All of a sudden, Dogu Yucel, the writer, and Moore meet to discuss the possibilities of working together and upon discovering that his music was a great inspiration for the book, Moore agrees to postpone the Chroma Key record, and starts work on Ghost Book, his first ever completely solo effort to date.


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