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DON HENLEY(The Eagles) -
"..the best album I've heard all year is by a woman named Erin Moran from New Jersey-she goes by the name A Girl Called Eddy-and she sounds like the love child of Dusty Springfield and Burt Bacharach. "
The Independent, UK Dec.29, 07 ('Artists' Pick of the Year')

ROBERT SMITH( The Cure) - " ..melodic, melancholic, elegant - A Girl Called Eddy makes beautiful music."

BURT BACHARACH - " ..send her my compliments "

NINA PERSSON (The Cardigans) - " favorite artist at the moment is A Girl Called Eddy"

ERIC CARMEN ( The Raspberries) - " A Girl Called Eddy will restore your faith in music - great songwriting, and one of the flat-out coolest voices I've heard in years ."



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