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I hear bells at the edge of the earth. "Rare Islands" takes you there to venture through an almost holographic space. Over the course of the hour-long Everdom, this is how a listener may read into the music of Sweden's Anders Ilar. Slow bobbling beatless mechanizations, winding and icy cool. On "Make Believe" Ilar travels into private space wielding the syncopated drone of sequencers and bare bones percussion. Prolonged streaming of ornate, yet subdued tones have a delicate presence. The ghostly "Illusion of a Summerbreeze" uses clever sample-like trickling noises atop continued reverberation. Part Aphex Twin, part Hilliard Ensemble with a touch of something out of the land of perhaps Paul Schutze. This darker ride is spotted with diminutive moments of ambient flare. Each minute flows into the next here. Chilled to sweet perfection. IGLLO MAGAZINE



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