Schwabinggrad Ballet

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Schwabinggrad Ballet was founded when musicians from Hamburg’s best bands were searching for ways to intervene in public spaces in an unexpected manner. Although groups such as “Die Goldenen Zitronen” (The Golden Lemons), “Die Sterne” (The Stars), “Die Braut haut ins Auge” (The bride hits into the eye) or “Parole Trixi” have been active for years in the field between aesthetics and politics, individual members were no longer satisfied with the form of support concerts. Flexible performance strategies were therefore developed. Theatrical elements were increasingly included and street musicals were developed for specific situations.
The Schwabinggrad Ballet operates rhizomatically and is not dependent on permanent members; it is expanded by additional artists and activists depending on the occasion. The ballet focuses on the fight against the racification of public space and gentrification, as well as on anti-war actions. Schwabinggrad is part of a network operating the Buttclub and organising discussions, readings, exhibitions, concerts, reading circles, and actions. Schwabinggrad (whose name combines the Nazi’s greatest defeat and the Federal Republic’s first innocent street-musician riots) developed the Hellas Musical for the No Border camps in Forst (2000), Frankfurt a.M. (2001) and Strasbourg (2002).



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  1. Teo Ajder 10 Δεκεμβρίου 2009 - 9:53 μ.μ.
    do you know anything about this event done by Schwabinggrad Ballet?

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