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Category: By the bug

At the forefront of experimental pop.’ - Billboard (USA)

’Profoundly moving.’ - Johnny Black (Mojo)

’A strange and distorted journey through the shady underbelly of commercial pop.’ - Olaf Tyaransen, Hot Press (Ireland)

’Can easily be measured with the best work of similarly unclassifiable acts like Japan and Talk Talk.’ - Oene Kummer, OOR (Holland)

’Britain’s most underrated sorrowful sonic architects.’ - Chris Roberts (Uncut)

’A rarefied treat.’ - Martin Aston (Q)

’Together We’re Stranger is a beautiful, heartfelt album.’ - Nick Shilton (Classic Rock)

’Dunno about "bigger than Jesus", but this band should be a lot bigger than they are. Astonishingly good.’ - Organ

Lovesighs-An Entertainment
Wild Opera

Heaven Taste
Carolina Skeletons
Together We're Stranger
(( Speak ))
Dry Cleaning Ray
Returning Jesus
All That You Are
Loveblows & Lovecries


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