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By the bug

Important Records have been doing an exemplary job of bringing the best in contemporary Japanese rock music to a wider audience of late - not just in the usual Acid Mothers/Kawabata Makoto vein, but with this week's one-two punch of Suishou No Fune and LSD March releases. Constellation Of Tragedy is, as its title suggests, not the most upbeat of albums, with the magical opener 'Aka I Yoru' making for an especially mournful way to start things off. It's simple combination of what sounds like a broken music box, gently strummed guitar and amplifier hiss serves as a humble backdrop for Shinsuke Michishita's world-weary voice. From here the album gradually builds itself (via the beautifully recorded, yet oddly cobbled together pop stylings of 'Musuu No Taiyo' and 'Kimi Wa Tengoku' up to a moment of unexpectedly bombastic psych-rock in the form of 'Moeru Pyramid' a primitive fuzz blast of bluesy guitar solos and hazy late '60s riffing that flails and flounders its way into the closing harmonium drone piece 'Kanashii Seiza'. Awesome(boomkat)



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