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DJ Krush is a leader in the downtempo electronic music movement, having released over six albums that explore the instrumental side of hip-hop, trance and jazz. He has even released a hip-hop mix tape showcasing rap artists from all over the world, from the US to Europe to his native Japan. Zen finds Krush settling into familiar territory, blending his signature mellow beats with flute and horn accompaniment, low and slow keyboard licks and multi-dimensional percussive tracks. Notable contributions come in the form of scratches by DJ Disk, drums and raps by The Roots’ ?uestlove and Black Thought (respectively), and the vocals of Zap Mama. Zen’s standout track, "Vision of Art," is anything but mellow, and features NYC’s hardest rapper, El P, who flows with wicked and deadly raps over a reversed bass bomb beat that hits with authority




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