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The C.A. Quintet’s Trip Thru Hell is one of the most unique lp’s from the 60’s. I believe this was a small indie release, off the Candy Floss label, making it a very rare 1968/1969 release. Originals will set you back a pretty penny (possibly over $1,000) but are worth it considering the cd version does not recreate the classic backside of the lp.

The Trip was housed in a striking jacket, a collage depicting 3 people burning in hell. Ken Urwin was the mastermind behind this truly original acid concept album which chronicles the hells on earth. It’s an album that takes you into another world, another mind, and there are some deep acid excursions to behold. Prior to the lp, this Minneapolis band had released a few respectable though restrained garage rock singles. The title track is a 9 minute instrumental with a suprisingly effective phased drum solo, angelic choir-like background vocals, a prominent bass line, shimmering organ and some demented guitar distortion. Cold Spider has Ken Urwin screaming his lungs out over some nice whacked out raga leads and Hendrix-like feedback. The band employs a trumpet for Colorado, Sleepy Hollow Lane, Smooth As Silk, Trip Thru Hell (Part 2) and Underground Music, which are dark oddities but compelling highlights nonetheless. Be on the lookout for some killer guitar noise and funky, jiving wah-wah that begins a minute and a half into Underground Music.

Listening to this record may be an overwhelming experience for some, so in one sense it’s definitely an acquired taste. It’s pure psychedelia with a strong vision, and does not fit the incredibly strange music tag at all. The C.A. Quintet were definitely an engmatic band that was full of life and by the end of the 60’s they faded into obscrurity. In recent years live recordings have appeared from the early 70’s, they are reportedly mediocre(via rising storm)

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