the plural of the choir

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"Settlefish does what they do very well. The highest points on The Plural Of The Choir are found in delicate, pretty instrumentation, which when pitted against the rough post-emo tendencies of hoarse vocals and strident volume strikes a huge blow for melodic music. There is an abundance of detail beneath the familiar sound, and it makes The Plural Of The Choir a worthy listen. The rock is punchy and strained, the squalls are loud and the pace speeds aggressively. What is appealing is that there is always another layer, whether it be in bubbling upswing, the clicking momentum of hand claps or in tender admiration of Robert Smith. Settlefish's surprising moments also seem the most precious to their lifeblood, as the little things really do add up for them."

Ιταλοί από τη Bologna.

Settlefish - The Plural Of The Choir


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