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....θα μπορουσες να τους χαρακτηρισεις tribal ambient λογω της ιδιαιτερης χροιας των διαφορων κρουστων που χρισιμοποιουν.
καπως ετσι θα ακουγονταν ενα world tribute στον Brian Eno..

Exploring "new cross cultural currents in music's textural path," this group of "ethno primitive percussionists" create atmospheric sound environments comprised of an eclectic synthesis of tongue drums, marimbas, body percussion and other world instruments.

"Intricate droning soundscapes [are] achieved by ... Robert Hampson and ... Charles Webster ... The slow keyboards wash over delicate pulsing drum loops and by the time the bass kicks in you can almost imagine a sea of hands held high in dance anthem fervour."
(Hybrid Electronica)



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